Sell at Scale — Web Augmented Reality for Retail and E-commerce

The greatest limitation in ecommerce is to provide a great customer experience. 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.

Only 1% customers feel that companies meet their expectations (Forbes).

Solving this challenge can yield a humongous ROI for retail industry.

Using Web based Augmented Reality, brands can increase the quality of customer experience easily.

The global ecommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022.

A great opportuinty worth exploring to solve.

What Problem can you Solve with WebAR?

1. Increase Customer Engagement with 3D Product Marketing:

The average time on page across all industries is 54 seconds (Hubspot)

WebAR can significantly increase the engagement on website by 2x-3x.

Products on webpage can be accompanied with WebAR, resulting in more buyers will try them out and chance of purchase will increase up to 2x-3x within weeks.

Merchants who add 3D content to their stores, see a 94% conversion lift, on average (Shopify).

2. Reduce Product Return — A Cost Overhead for Retail Industry:

27% of customers return good every year as they were “not as described” (source) This is a huge cost overhead burden for retail ecommerce companies.

Web Augmented Reality can make sure how products look actually in real life.

3. Acquire New Customers from every acquisition channels with AR ads:

Ads and marketing are the biggest source of customer acquisition in retail.

Billions of dollars are spent every year for customer acquisition and retention.

Most ads runs in different platforms — website, social media (so many of them), billboards, printed magazines. It’s hard to track them all from one central place.

Users can essentially engage with WebAR via QR code scan or button click. Marketers can use them in every digital and print media.

They can observe the engagement from all different channels in one central area — thus maximizing the ROI for ads and marketing.

How to make a profitable business while offering WebAR?

Retail business and ecommerce platforms have always many products to offer as part of their product catalogue. This is an opportunity to supply WebAR experience for them in mass volume. Based on bigger customers, you can even manage to supply 500–2000 WebAR units. Being a marketing agency, you can offer your retail customers to setup WebAR experiences which they can use both from digital and print marketing.

WebAR as a service constitutes of two segments. The first part is about creating 3D assets. You can create it on behalf of your customers using 3D capturing apps (read my earlier post on this) or make it ready by a 3D artist with more professional touch (read how you can do it).

Of course you charge them for the 3D model creation and customizing WebAR landing page (customized logo, banner, color etc.). Then you can charge a support fee as a subscription for them too.

This way you can scale a profitable business in volume. Even handful of such customers can keep you busy round the year and might help to get past your 9–5 job revenue in a very short time. You can choose to define a life of freedom based on your creative business using WebAR.

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Web Augmented Reality | Co-Founder of Marvin XR| Blogger | Bringing Value for others

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Swapratim Roy

Web Augmented Reality | Co-Founder of Marvin XR| Blogger | Bringing Value for others